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Use Gift Card/Credit to Place an Order

When you have Gift Card codes or Gift Card credit balances, you can use them as a payment method when ordering a product. There are two ways to use Gift Card code/credit balance:

On Shopping Cart page:

You can choose to use credit or Gift Card by ticking either Use Gift Card credit to check out or Use Gift Card to check out checkbox or both.

Use Gift Card credit to checkout: Customers need to enter an amount of money they want to use. After applying, this amount will be deducted from their Gift Car credit balance immediately.

Use Gift Card to check out: The system shows a box where you can enter gift codes. Besides, you can use gift codes you added to the list on Gift Card/Credit Management page.

After you click on Apply Gift Card button, the Grand Total will be updated as below:

On Checkout page:

You can choose to use Gift Card or Gift Card credit and enter the amount of money as on Shopping Cart page. Then click on Add Gift Card button to apply.

*Note: Gift Card codes or Credit Card credit balances cannot be used to purchase Gift Card products but it can be spent on shipping fee.

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