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    slimum™ Tummy Gift Card - Restoringmums

    slimum™ Tummy Gift Card

    Combining the traditional art of jamu massage with Karen’s abdominal massage techniques, this 45-minute daily treatment concentrates on the waist and abdominal area for waistline reduction, toning your tummy and relieving trapped gas.

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    From: HK$11,500

    To: HK$39,800

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    slimum™ BODY Gift Card - Restoringmums

    slimum™ BODY Gift Card

    This 75-minute treatment combines the slimum™ TUMMY treatment with a relaxing traditional Malay massage aimed at relieving trapped gas and supporting the restoration of your figure

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    From: HK$17,500

    To: HK$59,800

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    slimum™ by KAREN Gift Card - Restoringmums

    slimum™ by KAREN Gift Card

    This 75-minute daily pampering post-natal bodywork is uniquely designed and performed by Karen. Drawing upon ancient methods, traditional Malay massage, and herbal and essential oil blends, Karen has combined centuries-old techniques with modern therapeutic practice including Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.

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    From: HK$22,500

    To: HK$79,800

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